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Hello there! Welcome to the WordPress Tavern. Yet another WordPress centric website although with a few differences. For starters, this website is authored by me, Jeff Chandler. For those who don’t know me, I’ve written for WordPress websites such as WPHacks.com, WeblogToolsCollection.com and others. I also host the mildly popular WordPress Weekly podcast. I got started using WordPress back in June of 2007. Here is a quick snippet of history as to how I came about using WordPress.

I purchased everything I needed during the month of May. This included a domain, hosting, and a few other tidbits. I had a general idea as to what I wanted to accomplish with the site and the way I wanted it to look, but I had no idea on where to begin. WordPress was suggested to me numerous times and even Pete suggested that I use WordPress, so that’s what I did. Initially, I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out the templating system within WordPress. I gave up and decided to use Joomla, as I had a good amount of experience with the CMS. I quickly realized, Joomla was too much of what I needed. I ended up giving WordPress a second try and since then, I have never looked back.

Another WordPress Site?

So you might be asking yourself, why another site dedicated to WordPress? Well, the site is not exclusively centered around WordPress but rather, WordPress is the core. I plan on covering the entire spectrum of projects under the Automattic umbrella such as BBPress, WordPress.com, BuddyPress, WordPress MU (Multi User), and much more. This site will also feature content that has been created by the WPTavern community as well as the WordPress community.


Speaking of community, we already have a rocking forum online and accessible to the public which I highly encourage you to register an account with and partake in the interesting discussions taking place on a daily basis. Registered users also have access to the Chatbox found within the forum where many people within the community stop by and chit chat throughout the day.


Now, I have big plans for this website. Ultimately, I have three goals for WPTavern. The first is to be successful. The second is to foster a community. The third is to make this my sole source of income. Speaking of the third point, their are no advertisements on the site or the forum just yet but they are on the way. In the coming days, weeks, I’ll be adding advertising spots to the forum and the site. I have a good idea on advertising methods which are annoying and those that are not so annoying. I can guarantee you that I won’t be using ads which popup or flash at you. Instead, I plan on using graphic banner ads, the 125X125 kind mixed in possibly with some 468X60 banner slots. Of course, as the WPTavern project progresses, things will most likely change.

The site is in beta form so if you come across a styling issue, an error, or notice something just isn’t working, please contact me via the contact form on this site.

I’ll be publishing information over the next few days which highlights various happenings around the site, explanations of certain features, and much more. Until then, thank you for stepping inside the WordPress Tavern and remember, the drinks are always on the house. Sit back, relax, and engage in thoughtful discussions about this awesome piece of open source software known as WordPress.


7 responses to “Welcome To The WordPress Tavern”

  1. No offence, but this site design hurts my eyes! It’s very high contrast, which makes it glare :s Maybe tone the black down a bit?

    Big fan of WP Weekly, looking forward to enjoying some soft drinks in the tavern!


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