EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Gooding Moves To The WordPress Tavern

wptavernHello WordPress Tavern readers! Some of you may know me as a word wrangling WordPress writer from WPMU.org, where I spent the last four years writing about everything from WordPress and BuddyPress news to theme and product reviews, tutorials, and everything in between. Today, however, I’m excited to announce that I have officially moved to the Tavern.

I’ve been using WordPress since 2008. For the past several years I have spent my time scouring the web for all the latest WordPress news and innovations. Plain and simple, I love staying on the front lines of WordPress. So when Matt Mullenweg invited me to join Jeffro and the team at the Tavern to report on WordPress news, I couldn’t say no. I am thrilled at the chance to chronicle WordPress history as it’s unfolding right now around the web.

It’s also a great privilege to work with Jeffro, the Tavern Keeper, since he’s been doing this faithfully for ages. We’re teaming up to bring you the the best and most interesting WordPress news out there. So if you’ve been a fan of my articles in the past, please make sure to subscribe here, where you will be able to follow my new adventures at the Tavern. With WordPress powering roughly 20% of the web, there’s something awesome happening in this community every day and we’re going to make sure that you know about it. Grab a pint, pull up a chair and let’s start up some conversations about WordPress.


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