weDocs: A Free WordPress Documentation Theme Based on Bootstrap

Writing documentation for products is oftentimes a thankless task. It’s a challenge to style and organize docs in a clear and approachable way. Unfortunately this tends to be an afterthought for many projects, even though it is the first point of connection for users seeking support.

A WordPress theme specifically created for documentation makes this task much easier. When adding new docs is as easy as writing a new post, getting your project fully documented is suddenly not as overwhelming.

weDocs is a free WordPress theme designed for documentation. Created by WordPress developer Tareq Hasan, this theme is built with Bootstrap, Roots and Less.


Documentation Structured in Posts and Categories

weDocs organizes documentation with a very simple structure. All of the information is housed in posts and categories. Top level categories are shown on the homepage. Once you drill down through subcategories to individual topics, the theme displays a left hand vertical menu for further organizing subheaders to navigate down the page.


weDocs Features:

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly documentation thanks to Bootstrap and Roots
  • Search bar lets you search “All Documents” or search within specific categories
  • Upload site logo within the customizer
  • Set header and footer text in the customizer
  • Support for Font Awesome icons
  • Built-in feedback feature on posts for voting on the usefulness of the content

View a live demo of weDocs in action.

Obviously, the theme has a very traditional Bootstrap style but it provides a decent starting point for customizing your docs. Please note that this theme should be used on a site that is dedicated entirely to documentation, as it takes over the design of the site. However, given the post/category structure for the docs, the theme does a good job of preserving data portability, in case you want to use a different theme further down the road.

With any luck, the better your documentation is, the fewer support requests you’ll receive. If you’re looking for a simple and responsive theme for organizing your docs, take weDocs for a test drive on your site. Download it from Github.


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