Free WordPress Knowledge Base Theme With bbPress Support

A knowledge base is one of the best ways to organize information spanning many topics and categories. It’s also useful for providing a first line of support for a product or service. WP Knowledge Base is a new free WordPress theme that lets you quickly set up a multi-product knowledge base using standard WordPress posts and categories. So far, the theme has received only 5-star ratings on


This responsive theme is based on the Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 framework and utilizes Underscores as the backbone of the theme. WP Knowledge Base includes support for images, forum links and icons that you can assign to the different knowledge bases.


WP Knowledge Base Features

There are a lot of goodies built right into this theme, especially for seamlessly integrating bbPress content:

Check out a live demo of the theme to see it in action.

Well-structured and comprehensive documentation is available on the WP Knowledge Base homepage. The docs are arranged, as you might have guessed, within a knowledge base. The theme is completely open source and feature requests and pull requests can be sent via github.

The cool thing is that because of how this theme is structured to use WordPress posts and categories, your data is portable. That means that even if you use this theme for awhile and then want to change to a different theme, your data goes with you.

If the Theme Directory had favoriting capabilities, I’d recommend this one for your bookmarks. WP Knowledge Base is a solid option for streamlining a knowledge base with a bbPress-powered support forum.

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  1. That theme is an excellent entry to provide support before needed help even get into the Help Desk and support ticket submission. What a great time, and $$$, saver if implemented properly. It really is in my intention to use it, thanks for the sharing Sarah.

    Andre Foisy


  2. A great example of an out-of-the-box, non-blog-focused Theme available in the official Theme directory!


  3. @Chip Bennett

    Indeed, it is more and more interesting to see that WordPress can also be implemented as some sort of solution, and not only a blog or CMS.


  4. Thank you for your nice words. It is really appreciated. And @Chip Bennett thank you for guiding me to the right path while creating this theme :)


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