Violet, WordPress 3.0 And Jane Wells

In this special interview with Jane Wells from WordCamp Raleigh, we discuss the prospects of WordPress 3.0. We also have a good discussion revolving the new menu system, including the question I’ve had since Beta 1 and that is, why bother going with Woo Nav if at the end of the day, there is little of Woo Nav to be seen or used? We also talked about the recent promotion assigned to John O’ Nolan who will be Jane’s assistant managing the UI group for WordPress.

The lesson I learned here is to not do an interview with someone against a bright background because as you can see, you end up not seeing the person. In this case, we now can’t debate whether Jane’s hair is Red or Violet. Perhaps we’ll take HairOfJanes word for it.


3 responses to “Violet, WordPress 3.0 And Jane Wells”

  1. For some reason, when I click to play the video, I’m seeing Brad Williams. Before clicking play, I see a preview image with Jane.

    It’s as if VideoPress is serving the right preview image, but the wrong video.


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