Jonathan Davis Via WordCamp Raleigh

I had the opportunity to put Matts gift to work while attending WordCamp Raleigh. I have over 45 minutes worth of video to upload, one interview at a time. In this interview, I spoke with Jonathan Davis. In it, we talked about what is new with the Shopp plugin, what to expect once WordPress 3.0 comes out and other e-commerce related topics.

I encourage you to watch the video at full screen.


4 responses to “Jonathan Davis Via WordCamp Raleigh”

  1. Very vague but good to know they worked on optimization and an internal rework. I wish he seemed more into the custom post-types because I think an ecomm solution should have a very tight integration with WP3 core and their post-types – granted that may push back a release of shopp 1.x but wpb2 works fine and is good for testing. Just wish he answered that differently but we’ll see… the race is on between him and Dan Milward


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