1. Brad Potter

    Thanks for posting the interview Jeff. Nathan has mad skills, really listens to user requests and is always very helpful in the StudioPress forums.

    WordPress 3.0 and the upcoming version of Genesis is going to be one heck of a combination.


  2. donnacha | WordSkill

    I agree with Brad, Nathan is one heck of a dev and Genesis is dripping with potential.

    Thanks for posting this series of videos.


  3. Jeffro

    There are a couple more questions I wish I had asked Nathan but I hope to send them to him via email and perform a follow up interview. I haven’t noticed any other popular developers move around like Nathan who always take the company he is associated with to the next level. That is why I think his story and his career path is interesting. He reminds me of an all star player that occasionally goes into free agency only to be picked up soon after.


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