Using WPTavern To Share Your Knowledge With The World

WordPress WorldWhile the Tavern is definitely back in business, there is one specific goal I have in mind that I would like to accomplish. That goal is changing the content direction of the site so that it’s not created by one person, all the time. There are so many smart WordPress people throughout the overall community and I would like to personally extend an invitation to share your knowledge here on Whether it’s bbPress, BuddyPress, GlotPress, a theme review, plugin review, or an interesting set of questions you would like to pose to the WordPress community, please consider WPTavern as an avenue for publishing. I’ll give you a few reasons why.

The first is that WPTavern has a world-wide audience. Having articles linked within the Dashboard is not only a big responsibility, but it has opened the flood gates to the different types of people accessing the content presented on this site from across the world. Through referrer links, I’ve been able to discover so many different websites thanks to people clinking the links from within their dashboard. is like a giant megaphone that when used correctly, becomes a wonderful thing.

In the near future, WPTavern will become an authoritative website. It’s not about publishing 100 articles a day, but publishing content that is interesting and, providing research/back story to that content. I like to think of WPTavern as an ongoing diary as to what is happening within the world of WordPress. However I’m opening up this diary/platform to the community. There will be caveats of course such as all content passes before me before it’s published. Guest authors will receive a Contributor level account to make things easier for the author to manage their posts.

If you look around, you’ll notice that there are no ads on this site. is not about generating revenue. It’s about becoming the second largest WordPress community of users and enthusiasts on the web. Of course, the first is itself but the long-term goal for this site is to become an alternative community with an integral bridge to the WordPress project. is not right for everyone whether it be the attitude of people, the atmosphere, or any number of reasons which is why having another place to go is beneficial. In the early days of WPTavern, this website was on pace to become one of the largest parts of the WordPress community with a bustling commenting section, an active forum, and all sorts of different interactions taking place that at times, influenced some of the decisions that were made with the core of WordPress.

There were plenty of times in the past where members of the WPTavern community tried to nominate me to become some sort of community liaison or an employee of Automattic. With the relaunch of WPTavern, I am now in the position at least with this domain to become that community liaison. In the near future, this site will be sporting a new design, bbPress and finally, run BuddyPress. A tavern is a place where people gather to talk and have a good time which is exactly the kind of atmosphere I’ll be promoting here.

If you’re interested in contributing an article to this site, please get in touch with me via the contact form or through twitter @WPTavern.


11 responses to “Using WPTavern To Share Your Knowledge With The World”

  1. Nice to hear you are back in action Jeff :)

    I am weary of submitting posts to a website owned by someone mysterious though. If I’m helping support someone’s project, I kinda like to know who they are. I was happy to write guest posts for you in the past because I like you, but now I don’t know who it is I’d be supporting.

  2. @Ryan Hellyer – This is a great point and we we’ve told by Jeffro in a previous comment that the real owner would come out of the woodwork and share what their plans are. I’m not sure I’ve seen the post yet, but I may be missing it?

    Love to see behind the mirror as it makes “ownership” and motivation suspect.

  3. Can’t wait for the launch of the new site – I’ve been missing the WPTavern perspective although I may confess to still being biased towards posts authored by Jeffro :) I am particularly in favour as there will be no ads gracing the site.

    p/s: I’d almost forgotten that the Tavern is currently under new management…

  4. However I’m opening up this diary/platform to the community. There will be caveats of course such as all content passes before me before it’s published.

    Jeffro – Will those caveats be documented and made public? It seems that without being able to have something like that documented, there is no way for the community to hold you accountable for the editorial content of the blog, which ultimately would affect the credibility of WP Tavern, and limit it’s ability to exceed your goals of being such an important part of how we share news and goings-on as WordPressers.

    The reality that someone like me, who contributes in many ways to the strength and growth of the WordPress community in nearly every measurable way, feels the compulsion to remain anonymous here in order to avoid potentially negative consequences of this comment being attributed to myself or anyone associated with me is telling.

    The power is in your hands to prove me wrong and demonstrate that there is nothing to fear. You can publish this comment and follow up with documentation of the content you’ll accept and not from members of the community. By simply stipulating that “yes, we’ll accept content that affirms Automattic and Matt’s work,” as well as, “We will not accept or publish content that we feel questions those entities and actors associated with them,” you’ll make your intentions transparent to the community.

    Thanks for hearing us out.


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