Twitter Moments Now Open to All Users, WordPress 4.5+ Supports Embedding

Twitter rolled out its Moments feature to the common folk yesterday. Moments, a collection of tweets that tell a story, were originally made available to a select group of high profile accounts. In August, Twitter expanded access to Moments and announced that Moments would soon be open to all users. As of today, anyone can visit the Moments tab on their profile and select tweets to include:

Twitter curates and reviews every Moment that is featured in the Moments tab to ensure that they meet its style guidelines: “The best Moments include Tweets that come directly from the scene or a source, and reflect the perspective, timeliness or voice in order to capitalize on the unique content that Twitter enables.”

Twitter content such as current events, hashtags, or even tweetstorms are possible candidates for the format the Moments feature provides. Incidentally, this kind of content is also well-suited to inclusion in blog posts.

Creating a Moment is actually a more involved process than embedding it in your content. WordPress has offered oEmbed Support for Moments since version 4.5 when the feature was first introduced on Twitter. This means all you have to do is copy the Moment URL and paste it into the editor.

Check out the example below to see how WordPress embeds Moments:

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  1. Gifs and Videos don’t show if looking at the embedded moments in Internet Explorer or Edge? Just see a black box?


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