Tribute To Steve Jobs Via Retro MacOS WordPress Theme

With the passing of Steve Jobs, memorials and tributes are showing up all over the web. While seems to be one of the more popular tributes, I’m happy to inform you that if you’re using WordPress, you too can join in with the same tribute of making your site look like the Mac OS via a freely available WordPress theme called Retro MacOS. Steve Jobs Tribute
Tribute Based On Retro MacOS WordPress Theme

According to the release post, this was Stuart Browns first WordPress theme which was created during the days of WordPress 2.1.2. However, it appears to work fine for the latest version of WordPress if is anything to go by.

I wonder if via this theme, WordPress users can celebrate a new holiday called Steve Jobs day by having our site look like the retro MacOS every year on October 5th. I think it would be pretty interesting to browse some of the largest sites using WordPress when they use this theme just to see how it looks. At the very least, this is one way WordPress users can pay tribute to a great man.


3 responses to “Tribute To Steve Jobs Via Retro MacOS WordPress Theme”

  1. Like the theme – I just wish it was available as an option on, then I would’ve applied it today…


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