Transcript of WordPress Weekly Episode 344

Based on requests from listeners, I purchased a transcription of episode 344 of WordPress Weekly where we discussed the WordPress Governance Project. I purchased the transcription from Rev, a well-known service devoted to captions, subtitles, and audio transcriptions.

For an 87 minute podcast, the turn-around time was 25 hours and cost $87. The transcription came out better than I expected considering the way I speak.

The following is a sample of the conversation that took place during the show.

The WordPress Governance Project is an effort that we booted up to surface all the conversations that are happening behind the scenes around WordPress Governance. If you’ve been around the WordPress Project for more than a couple of months, you would know there’s a lot of ongoing conversations internally in the community around who makes decisions, how are decisions made, who are the leaders, who appoints leaders, where is the direction going and who decides on the direction of this project and so on and so on.

And both Rachel and I have been part of this community for awhile and we’ve seen these conversations crop up repeatedly, and they never go anywhere, but they are really important conversations. And here’s a need in our community to surface those conversations because we are in a position now where we need to start acting, taking on the responsibility of being 34.7% of the web and actually using that responsibility for something other than just saying it as a marketing campaign.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen

The transcript is in .txt format for maximum compatibility and includes the speaker’s names.


4 responses to “Transcript of WordPress Weekly Episode 344”

  1. I’ve been using Rev from its inception. From transcribing podcasts to interview notes to chapters of my books.

    The service is fast, reliable and inexpensive ruffly a $1 /minute.

    I’ve had no issues and find the accuracy-even with heavy accents – runs 97-100%.

    I highly recommend it. I’m using it to transcribe most of what I’m writing for Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 4.0


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