1. Miroslav Glavic

    1) Isn’t .pdf better than .txt?
    2) I am hard of hearing. My hearing is not the best. So for people with hearing issues/disabilities…you should always have a text script.


  2. René Hermenau

    Thank you, Jeff ❤


  3. Vitor Madeira

    I guess you could get the transcript for free if you upload the podcast as a video on YouTube.

    As a matter of fact, how about starting to upload the podcasts to YouTube every week from now on? ;)


  4. David Perry

    I’ve been using Rev from its inception. From transcribing podcasts to interview notes to chapters of my books.

    The service is fast, reliable and inexpensive ruffly a $1 /minute.

    I’ve had no issues and find the accuracy-even with heavy accents – runs 97-100%.

    I highly recommend it. I’m using it to transcribe most of what I’m writing for Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 4.0


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