1. Daniel Bachhuber

    This is a pretty good conversation. I appreciate the level of nuance in it.


  2. Terence

    I think Morten’s motives are solid and his WordPress worldview seems to be spot on. There is also no doubt in my mind that he would make an excellent candidate to fulfill a role as “a leader” as WordPress.org evolves. But I don’t think that is the important question. To my mind, the big question is, will Matt have the good sense, and will the money men allow him to see Morten as an ally, and not an enemy?


  3. Michael McGlynn

    One thought that occurs to me as part of this discussion is that there is profit and profitability in the WordPress ecosystem. The blurred lines between Auttomatic and WordPress put a spotlight on this, frankly, free labor that supports this ecosystem.

    If unpaid contributors want more structure around how decisions get made, I think that is fair and perhaps overdue.

    While I think Morten has the right approach, I also fear his sometimes forceful approach may not yield the same result that a different approach might. Easy for me to say, since I do nothing but watch and comment though. :-)

    Rachel is a gem and I am so glad she is co-leading this effort.


  4. Marcus Tibesar

    I’m against Mort10’s iniative because it’s not in alignment with Matt’s thoughts. This huge initiative should come from the top when Matt is ready. This feels forced upon me…


  5. Tomas M.

    Great conversation! If we want to have WP still around and relevant in 20 years, this projects should be taken very seriously.

    Big thanks to project leads!


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