Top Agencies Join Forces to Publish Free Guide on WordPress for Enterprise

A collection of leading WordPress agencies have launched a collaborative project to promote the platform to large-scale organizations. Big Bite, in partnership with 10up, Alley, Human Made, Inpsyde, and XWP, have published a free WordPress for Enterprise guide that includes contributions from Google and WordPress VIP.

The guide highlights many high profile companies and organizations using WordPress, including CNN, Vogue, Google, The Wall Street Journal, Spotify, Harvard University, the White House, Meta, PlayStation, and many more.

Even after 20 years of unprecedented growth and adoption across major brands, the misconception that WordPress is just a blogging platform persists among many who don’t keep up to date with open source software.

“Despite being the number one CMS, many people still associate WordPress solely with bloggers and small businesses, and are surprised to learn that it powers sites for some of the biggest brands on the planet,” Big Bite CEO Iain McPherson said. “By coming together to create this guide, we’re aiming to change that perception and highlight the many advantages it offers to enterprise organizations that have lots of contributors, lots of content, and lots of challenges.”

The guide offers an easy-to-read overview of how well-suited WordPress is for the enterprise market and the possibilities for creating a customized platform to fit any organization. It includes short chapters on the following topics:

  • From small blogs to big brands 
  • Open source advantages 
  • Platform security 
  • Scalability and internationalization
  • Solution cost and value 
  • Editorial experience 
  • Performance matters 
  • Feature extensibility
  • Headless capabilities

“While smaller brands are able to switch CMS platforms fairly easily, for large-scale enterprises it’s often a major undertaking, so we hope this guide makes the decision process much easier for those exploring open source options,” WordPress VIP Director of Product Marketing Michael Khalili said.

The guide is a useful resource for large organizations examining WordPress as a platform or for small agencies looking to pitch WordPress to larger clients. It’s free and does not require you to enter your email address or other contact information to download it.


10 responses to “Top Agencies Join Forces to Publish Free Guide on WordPress for Enterprise”

  1. This is a wonderful initiative! Good for them and thanks for promoting it.

    Many smaller businesses also share the impression that WordPress is “bloated,” or “tinkertoy,” or… whatever might have true about WordPress 20 years ago, but hasn’t been true for at least the last 10. (Honestly, it’s like dealing with people who still think “3 wheels and a 30-mile range” when someone says EV automobiles.)

    It’s work like this that helps counter that idea.

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