WordPress.com VIP Releases Presentation Documents and Resources Under Creative Commons License


WordPress.com VIP announced Documattic today, a new GitHub repository to house presentations and resources shared with the community. The VIP team is regularly engaged in the task of educating new clients on the strengths and features of the WordPress platform. Sara Rosso explained in the announcement why they decided to share the relevant documents:

We spend a lot of time explaining the great features of WordPress to client IT, security, and editorial teams, and work with partners and agencies to provide up-to-date information about WordPress software and its vast community of developers, designers, content creators, and site owners.

The VIP team plans to share documents that will focus mainly on technical specifications, capabilities, features, and other information with a marketing, project or educational purpose.

Documattic currently contains three high quality resources. One is a recent presentation on Trends in Enterprise WordPress Content by Sara Rosso. It’s available in both PDF and RevealJS slide formats.


The repository also includes a document highlighting FAQs regarding WordPress security. It’s basically a Q&A style document filled with questions that are commonly fielded by most WordPress development agencies when speaking with clients who are new to the platform.


The third resource is a WordPress in Government FAQ, which answers questions such as:

  • How is WordPress being used in government?
  • Who uses WordPress in government?
  • Why would a government agency use WordPress over other CMS / custom-built solutions?
  • How big is the WordPress developer ecosystem?

These documents can be useful to any WordPress agency looking to attract more enterprise clients, as they provide an excellent starting point for articulating the strengths and capabilities of the platform.

The WordPress.com VIP team invites other agencies to contribute to the repository and they plan to continue curating it and building it up to be a collaborative resource open to the community.

Earlier this year Automattic added a Legalmattic repository to share its legal documents under a similar Creative Commons license. The repository contains legal documents used on WordPress.com including its Terms of Service. There’s no doubt some will find these documents useful, although the Documattic repository is likely to have a broader appeal.

Anyone is welcome to reuse and edit these documents as necessary, provided you link back to the original source, as specified in the Creative Commons license applicable to the shared document.



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