1. Andreas Nurbo

    But he is partly responsible for JetPack aint he? The damnation of all consultants based on the people that complain about it and want scripts for deactivating automatically in my twitter feed.

    I think the book could have been meatier. It felt a little thin. Partly I think its because of the inbedded journalism thing. It prevents journalists from being totally honest and one identifies with ones subject of investigation. Now it seems filtered and based on personal connections.

    Also does he have anything to say to Evan Solomon?
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  2. Jeffro

    @Andreas Nurbo – His team that he lead, Team Social are the ones responsible for building the first version of Jetpack and a couple versions thereafter. Not sure what you mean by thin. Were you expecting him to quote or publish all of the conversations that took place on the P2’s and other places?

    As for the bit about Evan, maybe I’ll ask about that experience, maybe not. But thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  3. Andreas Nurbo

    @Jeffro – By thin I mean not really a lot of stuff, but I think thats mostly to do with the method chosen. It felt somewhat polished but thats what you get when you are a friend or become friends with your object of study. Not saying publish conversations, not really fond of that. But he could have included talks with people on how they felt about the team changes etc before and after in a pro/epilogoue something.
    When reading it it felt like the book was like 80 pages but Im a prolific reader so might have a skewed perspective but all in all it was a good read.Also got some nice ideas from it which is always a plus.


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