1. Liza Valero

    Great book review! I am going to go buy this book immediately! I had heard about it recently, and was intrigued by getting a peek at WordPress and Automatic’s inner workings. Now I know it is about much more than that. It is about a whole different business philosophy, which I think is brilliant! Thank you for the review. Liza


  2. Sarah Gooding

    @Liza Valero – Thanks for reading, Liza. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did. :)


  3. Fred Baker

    Interesting. I knew nothing about Automattic–though I’d filmed and photographed Matt’s DreamCon presentation–until the Year With No Pants book review notice hit my Admin page bulletin board. I had to come take a look, because one of my best online friends goes by the user name of The Man With No Pants, so…..

    Working unsupervised and rating trust above everything else speaks volumes to me personally. In fact, it was the ever increasing nagging at HubPages (plus the problem solving Akismet info I got while at DreamCon) that drove me to finally get my own site up and running right. Since then, I’ve left HP entirely, so it’s all DreamHost + WordPress now, and loving it. I’ve stated many, many times that I work best alone, and now I truly do.

    Beyond that, going back to 1986 when I wrote an anecdotal biography, I’ve also stated that, “Every man has his price. I can be bought with trust.”

    Whether or not I’ll get around to reading the book, I have no idea at this point–but I’m glad it’s out there, and happy to see just one more confirmation that I’m on the right track with WordPress.


  4. Juie

    Have you read the novel The Circle by Dave Eggers – some scary parallels to Automattic!


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