Themosis Object-Oriented Development Framework for WordPress Now Available


Version 1.0 of the Themosis development framework is now available. Belgium-based application developer Julien Lambé created Themosis in order to accelerate object-oriented development with WordPress. It offers a routing system for managing WordPress behavior on an application level and also includes a Laravel-esque templating engine for view files. Last week Lambé announced that the framework is now out of beta and ready for public use.

Themosis, which Lambé describes as “a mix between WordPress best practices and a typical MVC framework,” has evolved considerably since its beta period. Version 1.0 includes dozens of improvements based on developer feedback.

The website has been updated to provide complete documentation and code examples to help developers get started. Installation is quick and easy, as Themosis uses Composer for dependency package management, so you can install and update everything needed in a matter of seconds. The framework is designed with respect to WordPress best practices and should work seamlessly with its APIs and plugins.

Themosis comes with local and production environments pre-configured in order to facilitate collaboration. Once you register your database credentials and application URLS, you’ll be able to define the different environment configurations, making it easy to move between development and production.

The framework guide contains everything you need to know to get started structuring and building your application. The route API docs cover all the conditional tags available with code samples for basic routing methods. Lambé describes the route system as “an enhanced ‘if’ statement,” which is essentially based on WordPress conditional template tags and a closure callback.

The framework includes classes for handling AJAX requests, custom post types, metaboxes, custom fields, taxonomies, options, validation, and more. It also adds a unique set of Helpers which act as framework utility functions that run on the global scope.

Lambé has now separated the Themosis studio from the framework, which can be found at He is launching a Themosis web agency, specializing in WordPress design and development, in order to fund future development of the framework to ensure its future.

The Themosis framework is an interesting option that could be very helpful for new WordPress developers, especially those who are used to using Laravel or those who simply want to structure and organize their code like a typical MVC framework. It provides another avenue for getting started using a structure that may be more approachable for PHP developers who are new to working with WordPress.

Themosis is an open source tool that Lambé decided to share with the community, and it will remain free to use. If you want to contribute to the project or report any issues, the framework can also be found on GitHub.


7 responses to “Themosis Object-Oriented Development Framework for WordPress Now Available”

  1. nice i was looking for a great framework after being deceived by Titan Framework

  2. Thanks for this post, Sarah.

    This is good news. An MVC approach to WordPress development.

    This even opens up a new WordPress niche market that can be served: think ASP.NET MVC or other MVC developers as converts to WordPress.

    I must be on to something, as Julien has even opened his own agency, based on the product.

    I like the idea, and will be giving the framework a right go.

    @blair2004: I read your comments on the Titan Framework post. How did your testing work out? Why did you find it deceiving?

    I thought both frameworks have different use cases, but I might be wrong, which is why I ask.

    I would like to try out the Titan Framework as well, and your opinions would be highly appreciated.


    • as you said both are different.. i have made a mistake about titan framework, i haven’t really read available docs, so now i don’t have any problem with. Since, i have rather been deceived by Theme Is, it very complicated to install it, and it using common classes which can been used by another plugin. For example, for retrieving data from database, you must use “OPTIONS” class, as you must know, classes should be prefixed… it’s not done with Themosis.

      Anyway MVC architecture offered seems nice. But the learning curve (may be i am mistaking one more time) is too long. That’s why i decided to try again with Titan.

  3. Have some trbls with routing. After setup im go to localhost/sitename/cms n have error.
    okay.. il try localhost/sitename/htdocs/cms n i have installation wp page( without styles).
    then after setup sitename/login etc i redirected to wplogin page and try log in, but after submit site try redirect me to localhost/sitename/cms/wp-login.php
    so… some trouble with htdocs or maybe need make .htaccess or… i dnt know.
    Im use wampserver

  4. This framework looks fun but I can’t figure out how to configure it inside of PHP Storm. It cant find the paths to the actual functions that are being called. It will be a real pain to try and use it professionally if I cannot set up the config in storm properly. Don’t want to have to consult the codex every 2minutes to remember the exact order of parameters for things.

  5. What is “Theme Is” ? You mean Themosis? All the classes are namespaced, it’s not using php 5.4 for nothing. Option is just an alias for Themosis\Page\Option.


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