1. Patricia BT

    Hi Justin,

    I’m the lead organiser of WordCamp Geneva and thank you to have mentioned us.

    Just to add more details to “The organizers worried that such a ban would eventually extend to smaller events”. It’s also that for smaller events, we would have been requested to give all attendees names to health authorities if a case would happen to any of us, provide enough hand sanitizer at the event (which is difficult to find at the moment), and be liable in case of spread at the event. Furthermore, gather people from different part of Switzerland, France, Germany, and Italy could have created a new virus cluster. Also, as it turns out, a probable high percentage of attendees might not even have shown up.

    I agree with Mark Maunder’s (WordFence) post you linked to. I am myself supposed to speak at another upcoming event, which will probably get cancelled as well, thus I understand the frustration.

    A post on WordCamp Europe site talks about official bans and recommendations (and the fact that borders are not closed, as if this would be a bad sign, and as if this was easy to do in EU), but my take is that it is also the organiser responsibility to decide if it is or not a good idea to gather 3000+ persons from 5 continents in a single place.

    Stay safe everybody!
    Patricia BT, Geneva, Switzerland


  2. Godswill Timothy

    Its a nice decision to cancel or postpone the WordCamp events.

    We all have the responsibility to protect ourselves and our community from the excruciating effects of this COVID-19.


  3. Philip Arthur Moore

    I’m incredibly pleased that so many individuals have come to see COVID-19 for the potential threat that it is.

    There seemed to have been little worry outside of Asia a month or so ago, and now that this has gone global more organizers realize how egregious it would be to conduct any large-scale event at a time like now.

    Better safe than sorry comes to mind. Good on the WordPress community for staying safe, even if it means temporary setbacks in scheduling or speaker engagements.


  4. urvashinenawati

    It’s sad that so many events are being cancelled but at this hour of COVID-19 threat and spread it definitely is the best. It’s good to see communities come together and help each other


  5. Peter Dong

    Let’s have a round of prayers for all the souls affected by Covid-19, may the lord cast his wrath on this demon and cast him out from the shadows.

    Peter Dong


  6. Shafiq Lutaaya

    Let’s postpone the events


  7. Rajesh laxkar

    You know COVID-19 now in Rajasthan. 23 people infected with this so be careful while traveling.


  8. Sue Surdam

    I attended the virtual Genesis Conference years ago and loved it. Hoping that your suggestion of virtual gatherings takes hold. Thank you for the thoughtful article.


  9. David Do

    Let’s postpone the events.
    In Vietnam. We are trying to cancel every event and avoid crowding.
    We are doing very well. So should WordCamps.


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