The Header Won’t Be Changing In 2.8

The results for the WordPress design challenge poll are in and it looks like the dark fluency style has emerged as the winner. But as Jane mentions in the official blog post, the results are interesting. Overall, the various Fluency variations made up for a large majority of the votes but on the flipside, the choice for keeping the current implementation came out in second place which is definitely something worth noting.


According to Jane, the current implementation will remain the same in WordPress 2.8 however, a new header design will be worked on for WordPress 2.9 so that enough time can be given to perform usability testing.

As I went through and voted, I can’t say any particular design attracted me more so then the others. I think I spent about 5-7 minutes reviewing each design never having a concrete decision on which one I wanted. In the end, I chose Fluency Style, Medium. But you know, I thought about it and I don’t use the header area that much anyways. The only time I actually use the header is to click on the VISIT SITE link. What about you? How often do you find yourself clicking around in the header area and which version did you vote for?

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