1. Reneé Klein

    Hi Jeffro,

    Thanks for your detailed information
    This new admin is absolutely stunning!

    The only thing I see that I would like to have back, is that when I roll my mouse over the left main admin menu links, I can’t see the sub-links modal popup. That forces me to have to click the parent item, wait for it to load, and then go into the sub-menu item. It’s just a waste of time and a click when you are in a hurry and already know where you want to go.


  2. Jeffro

    @Reneé Klein – Are you talking about the flyout menus that you can’t see when using MP6? Or is this happening right now with the current admin style in WordPress? I checked on my install with MP6 enabled and disabled and I still see the flyout menus without having to click them. Which version of WordPress are you using?


  3. MT

    For the sake of clarification — MP6 isn’t necessarily tied to the 3.7 release cycle, and the core team will make the final decision on what’s included in core, and when. It’s possible that MP6 may keep developing throughout the next development cycle(s), and also possible that core will start to incorporate some of what MP6 has done while we continue iterating on other things simultaneously. Just don’t want anyone to expect MP6 in 3.7 as a sure thing. :)


  4. Reneé Klein

    @Jeffro – Thanks for your response Jeffro. Yeah! Your conclusion was absolutely right. I just tried updating to the latest version, then that issue with the sub-menus not appearing has been fixed up. ;D


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