1. Robert Lilly

    The WordPress community in the Portland, Oregon area is having a potluck picnic at a park on Sunday. For details see https://www.meetup.com/pdx-wp/events/250109566/


  2. Bob Dunn

    As much as I wanted to make the celebration in Seattle, the 7 plus hour round-trip drive wasn’t going to happen, especially on a holiday weekend in the states. So I’m celebrating solo and if you into jazz, I have curated videos of all the jazz artists behind the releases over those 15 years here. Enjoy! https://bobwp.com/wordpress-turns-15-years-old-celebrate-with-some-great-jazz/


  3. Jeffrey

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary WordPress!


  4. Tunde Sanusi

    Congratulations WP!

    Was unable to attend to two of the meetup for the anniversary which i got invited. hope to attend the next time


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