1. Peter Cralen

    Funny (absurd) is, that many websites online, even profitable still look similar to sites builded 10 years ago ;)


  2. Pranav

    Version 3.0 was real game changer. With adding MU feature as multisite.


  3. Dev

    This is cool !! Visualising something historical like this is a great achievement for WordPress community ! (I actually really like the animations also !)


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    I have some clickable demos available too … https://geek.hellyer.kiwi/tools/historic-wordpress/


  5. Benjamin Intal

    You’re right about the animations being distracting. It would be cool if there was a list of major changes between the versions.

    Because of this, I found out that when I started with WordPress, I just barely missed the version that didn’t have the admin sidebar navigation (2.6). I still remember the introduction of the menu system being all the rage in v3.0.


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