93Digital Publishes WordPress Time Machine

93Digital, a London-based WordPress development agency, has published a WordPress time machine. The page features a timeline where visitors can browse every major version of WordPress released since 1.0. Versions are displayed in a horizontal timeline format with fancy animations when hovered over.

WordPress Time Machine
WordPress Time Machine

Unfortunately, the animations are more distracting than they are useful and add a small delay when viewing images. The full-size images are not large enough and appear blurry when clicked on. If 93Digital removes the animations and uses larger images, the timeline would be a nice way to visually browse through WordPress’ history.

If you’d like to see clear, large images of past WordPress releases and learn about some of the key features in each version, I recommend reading WordPress through the ages. Through the images, you can see the natural progression of features, designs, and layouts WordPress has gone through during the past 10 years.


5 responses to “93Digital Publishes WordPress Time Machine”

  1. This is cool !! Visualising something historical like this is a great achievement for WordPress community ! (I actually really like the animations also !)

  2. You’re right about the animations being distracting. It would be cool if there was a list of major changes between the versions.

    Because of this, I found out that when I started with WordPress, I just barely missed the version that didn’t have the admin sidebar navigation (2.6). I still remember the introduction of the menu system being all the rage in v3.0.


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