1. Andreas Nurbo

    Is there a list somewhere that covers all these mini conferences? It feels like there are a lot now.


  2. Kerry Webster

    is anyone else confused at the dates for this conference?


    • Jeff Chandler

      Glad I’m not the only one. Their about page says 18-19 and the most recent blog post says 18-20. The reason for the confusion is that it is Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in different parts of the world at different times. For example, here are the start times for the Live Chat.

      Sydney AEST GMT+10 Sun 05:00
      London GMT Sat 20:00
      Eastern GMT-4 Sat 15:00
      Pacific GMT-7 Sat 12:00

      When it wraps up, it will be Sunday in most places but Monday in Australia. Don’t know if this helps. I did change the dates to 18-20


  3. Alain Schlesser

    Well, it so happens that we have so many enthusiastic contributors in the fantastic Genesis community that our 24h Conference is actually 30+ hours long. Quite a lot of value for the (free) price of admission, ain’t it? ;)


  4. Graphically Designing

    It was initially intended to be a 24 hour conference, starting at 12 noon (Pacific time) on Saturday, and going through until 12 noon on Sunday (which is Monday in Australia). In the end, because of the response from people wishing to present, it has ended up being longer than 24 hours, but still goes from 12 noon (Pacific) on Saturday, through until Sunday evening (Pacific) – again, on Monday in Australia.


  5. Chris Howard

    Hope they can the sessions page get tidied up a bit to make it more reader friendly. Maybe some categories too to make it easier to find what interests me. I’m Sesame Street Gen, TLDR;


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