1. Suzette Franck

    Best. plugin. ever. I love this trend of fun plugins, Turn Down for Publish, Rainbowify, Do the harlem shake, pinkify it, romance admin scheme. It is good to see people having fun and making great little plugins that put a smile on your face.


  2. Dee

    I did much the same with quotes from the Princess Bride which I replaced in ‘Hello Dolly’s’ code. I’ve deployed it on my site to entertain myself… A random ‘As you Wish’ and a ‘Have you ever considered piracy?’ in the admin screen always brings a smile to my face!! (it can be found on github if anyone else wants it)


  3. Robert Dall

    That plugin really tied the room together.


  4. Robert Dall

    That plugin really tied the post together.


  5. Siggy

    That’s AWESOME!

    Automattic should swap out dolly for the dude!


  6. Kostas Vrouvas

    That was an unexpected post to read this morning, thanks Sarah. Actually: “Well, they finally did it, they wrote about me at WPTavern”.


  7. Todd

    Awhile back I replaced Hello Dolly with Hello Simpsons (https://wordpress.org/plugins/hello-simpsons-chalkboard-gag/) and am continuously amused by it. I love The Dude. I’ll try it out.


  8. Frankie Jarrett

    Nice one! But my favorite spin-off is Hello Samuel L. Jackson :-)



  9. Jeffrey

    Can I configure The Dude to show those messages on my front page?


  10. Brad Broekema

    This is a tough choice, The Dude plugin or the Samuel L. Jackson plugin. Being a developer is hard work :-P


  11. mlrichard

    That is really funny! My quotable plugin has about 8000 quotes in it and has been a great companion for the past little while. Hello Dolly is a great plugin to mash up with new content.



  12. Kau-Boy

    This plugin is just hilarious!

    @Brad: Just after I discovered this post, I decided to make a “Yoda quotes” fork. But that I decided to make something more generic. So I quickly coded plugin that enables you to use your favorite lyrics/quotes. All it needs is a text file with the quotes. You can even have different lyrics/quotes per user. I just submitted it, so it will probably not be available befor tomorrow, but you can check it out on github already: https://github.com/2ndkauboy/hello-world


  13. Mark Theron (@marktheron)

    And for all the David Bowie fans out there you’ll need Hello Ziggy – https://wordpress.org/plugins/hello-ziggy/ – by Chris Reynolds (@jazzs3quence)


  14. Rick Rottman

    Being that Jeff Bridges is a paid spokesman for Squarespace, it seems kind of weird to see his likeness used for a WordPress plugin.


  15. Pierre

    When installed, the whole admin interface is switched to english language.


    • Kostas Vrouvas

      That’s a known bug, will fix it asap. Meanwhile you can edit the dude.php and remove the last function to correct this


  16. toures moone

    Just installed Hello Samuel Jackson, hilarious


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