1. Ted Clayton

    Only One Category

    Mostly, primarily, I highly value being able to assign a post etc to more than one category. Many things naturally ‘belong’ in different categories … and there is even a game or trip, in which one deliberates crafts content to straddle different worlds/levels (photo-composition is wonderful for this).

    However, I would also very much like to have an ‘unimpaired’ hierarchical categorized URL (aka ‘permalink’). It is much easier & better that each post have a “unique” category, if the category-hierarchy is going to build the link (‘breadcrumb’-fashion).

    If WordPress officially decided to offer the option of a ‘clean’ category-permalink (without the ’empty’ or placeholder hierarchy-level), I would then be ‘hard up against it’. ‘Uh-oh … decisions, decisions.’ But as it stands, the official option is unattractive, and easy to decline.

    Ideally, we might have a Primary category for each post, and then any number of Secondary category assignments as well. In any situation where a post should have “a” or “the” category, the primary assignment would be used, and the others ignored. But we’re not holding our breath for anything along these lines.

    Those who do like to use multiple categories, but would also like to have category-URLs (the 2 do seem to run together…), could shift to unique categories and then partially compensate by making heavier use of Tags. And tags can also benefit from enhancements, theoretically from WP HQ, and pragmatically through various plugins. Tags are a less ‘touchy’ entity than categories, and better-suited to 3rd-party modifications. We can ‘play’ more with tags, without sticking our neck out as much as with categories.

    But no – I’m not going to do Only One Category at this time.


  2. Marcus Couch

    That’s one “NO” for Single Categories.. Any others?


  3. Mark k.

    Another no for single categories, as it doesn’t save me any work. It is not enough to know that a post is in one category, but you still need to check that it is in the right one, therefor you still need to proof read your post as it is going to be displayed and if at that stage you can not discover that you have two categories instead of one then your problems are much bigger then the number of categories.

    As you described it perfectly the problem that needs to be solved is much more localized, the unintended use of default category.


  4. Zach Smith

    thanks for the update!


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