1. James Huon

    I think the recommendation tap in the add new plugin is very important for new user. And yes, things we should look is free price, number of users install and rating score.


  2. Jeffrey

    A plugin helps users to find plugins more effectively. IMHO, this should be in the core.


  3. Rick Gregory

    I like the sentiment but 1) should be core and 2) this and the directory really need to be conversational in nature. More a “what are you looking for” UI vs a “here’s what’s popular/many new users use”. But this IS a step in the right direction. The default settings really make it look like the directory team doesn’t get new/mainstream users who simply aren’t going to care about, e.g. Theme Check.


  4. Richard Cunningham

    I like this plugin! I only wish for more recommendations.


  5. Torsten Landsiedel

    Maybe a new tab with the plugins from http://tidyrepo.com ;)


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