The Auditor Needs Closed Beta Testers

Interconnectit has announced that The Auditor (name to be determined later) has entered the closed beta process and is currently looking for people to test the plugin. The plugin is an event logger that tracks key options and content changes within a WordPress installation and contains a viewer that lets you view what’s been happening on your site. This plugin sounds like the perfect option to determine if things are going on within your website that you were not aware of. The closed beta is limited to a select group of people but if you’d like to participate in the event, you can leave a comment on their announcement post explaining why you’d like to give it a try.


2 responses to “The Auditor Needs Closed Beta Testers”

  1. Our site is quite active, 40 posts per day, which leads me to seek any solution that could improve its efficiency.

    I don’t have any reason to assume there are problems, but general caution and almost daily crashes (seemingly caused at the Apache level) makes me want to be sure there aren’t other things lurking, waiting to bite me.

  2. We would like to test the Auditor for our website. We are wanting to open our site to multi users, but be able to know what is going on with our 40,000 page web site.


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