1. Tai

    I’m lazy. So I hereby thank every plugin author or theme author on this planet and wish you all great success in 2016!


  2. Keith Davis

    I usually leave a review for a good plugin but like most WordPress users I take the plugin and theme authors for granted.

    I thank them all and promise to make a donation this weekend.


  3. Bob Schecter

    No applause – just throw money.


  4. Ron

    Since I use almost all paid plugins I don’t feel the need to thank anyone – I did the thanking with my wallet.

    As far as the free plugins I use – most of them are so cluttered with ads and crippled in some way or another – again I feel no desire to thank them. I consider them thanked every time I don’t nuke their crap plugin and endure their advertising.

    Everyone makes money from WP in one way or another here.

    I’ll just say thank you to my bank account. :)


    • CherylK

      Yikes! That is just nasty. I use free plugins and have never had a problem. I try to read everything about the plugin and the reviews before making a choice.


  5. Damian

    To recognise plugin authors’ contribution of writing, testing, releasing and maintaining thousands of lines of code, I make a point of donating $10-$15 if I’ve used a plugin for 6 months or longer. I couldn’t manage the website that promotes my business without them. More recently I’ve started working on the locale translation for my regular plugins. Nothing like some mutual back-scratching to grease the wheels of life.


  6. Luca Fracassi

    Jeff I think you have a typo, there are about 42k plugins, not 47k.

    With that said, you can leave it like this, there will be 47k by the end of the summer… :-)


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