1. Panagiotis Tabakis

    According to the internet, Syed is knowing for keeping quality standards in his projects. Besides if he does something wrong I know where he lives. Nah, just kidding.
    I kinda trust him but can’t controvert at the same time. And that is normal and expected in every change of this kind. This is the internet. And businesses on the internet are more flexible but also more fluid by trend.

    My opinion is that this plugin just got an innovation path.
    If that doesn’t happen, there is always the fork way.


  2. Muhammad Adnan

    Syed and Joost,

    Heartiest congratulations from the Team Analytify and It would be fun to learn from you guys.



  3. Danny Brown

    Seems the changeover wasn’t handled too well, and people complaining about the overt branding (no surprise there, given the new owner).



  4. Shaikh Masood Alam

    When any plugin owner announced someone take over his plugin, I am trying to find alternatives asap. But not this time. Syed blog helps me to learn WordPress and he knows how to code and maintain high quality plugins.


  5. Lillian McMath

    Hate the name!! Is there an alternative for Google Analytics?


  6. Ed

    I’d be down for a fork that doesn’t highjack my admin with overt marketing.


    • mark k.

      Anything specific you would look for at such a fork, expect for removal of ads?

      (I contemplated forking it in the past due to it being in a “not very maintained state”, but forking is a word that is easy to say, while getting actual user traction is hard, and with no users it is just pointless)


    • Syed Balkhi

      We’re listening to user feedback. The menu was never supposed to be at the top, but it happened due to a legacy code issue that we overlooked.

      It’s fixed in the new version.

      The green icon is no longer there. We quickly created a mono SVG that looks more inline with other WP icons. This is something we should have done from the start, and I admit our mistake there.

      Also fixed in the new version.

      Menu Label is now called Insights instead of MonsterInsights.

      The ads in the free version were always there. Yoast was promoting 4 of his products, and we replaced it with 4 of ours.

      You can always upgrade to the Pro version and you won’t see any ads there.

      If you have feature ideas that you’d like to see in the plugin, then please add them here:


      Or you can email us using the contact form on our site.

      We’re having a scope meeting beginning of May where we’ll finalize the roadmap for the next 8 month.

      We look forward to improving this product and giving our users better insights, so they can make data-driven decisions to grow their businesses.

      Thanks for patience and support.


  7. Brian

    I problem I had was with the lack of announcement in advance. I’m not upset at Syed about this but more at the Yoast team. I paid them money for their plugins and I received their email announcement after the WordPress Repo had been updated with the newest version from MonsterInsights.


  8. Peter Cralen

    All users of freemium plugin or service – You are not customers, you are a product, that can be bought/acquired.
    Your complaints are just annoying.


    • Brian

      A lot of us paid for these plugins off of the Yoast site. Sure, there was a freemium component but more than just the freemium content was transferred… paid subscriptions were transferred as well.


      • Peter Cralen

        So good for you paid clients, new fresh owner of the plugin/service with enthusiasm to make things better with more features. You should celebrate that for the old price paid in the past you will get fresh blood to your service/plugin.


        • Brian

          In the end it will probably be for the best. However, there was no announcement prior to the WordPress plugin repo being updated which is the issue I have with the Yoast team, and I think the issue a lot of the paying customers have with them as well.

          I’m not upset that they sold the plugin to Syed and his team… I’m upset that I wasn’t made aware of this prior to upgrading the plugin through the WordPress repo.

          I’m excited to see where the plugin goes as it could definitely use some new love however I think Yoast dropped the ball on the transition.


  9. Njengah

    I was caught by surprise and i quickly uninstalled the plugin


  10. Ezina

    I do not like the green monster popping up in my wordpress dashboard. It’s very annoying! Just uninstalled!!!


  11. Tauseef Alam

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the news.

    First of all, Congratulations Syed!

    Being an authority in WordPress tutorials, I hope Syed will make this plugin even better. I have seen few people are complaining but in long run this plugin will improve.


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