Sunny: A Plugin to Automatically Clear CloudFlare Cache and Manage Settings in WordPress


WordPress sites that take advantage of Cloudflare‘s global CDN and DNS services generally do so via the official Cloudflare plugin. It provides the basics for connecting your domain and API key with the service. However, it does not include a way to clear the cache or make adjustments to how it works.

Sunny is a new plugin that adds more control to WordPress sites using Cloudflare. It gives you the ability to test your Cloudflare API key and to purge your cache manually in the admin. Sunny automatically clears the corresponding cache for a post whenever it is updated.


I confirmed with Tang Rufus, the plugin’s author, that you can use Sunny in combination with the official Cloudflare plugin. In the future he plans to add the following features:

  • Purge homepage, tag pages and category pages cache during post update
  • Purge images during post update
  • Turn on develop mode when logged in
  • Purge CloudFlare when WP Super Cache is purged
  • Blacklist an IP when WP Better Secuity locks it down

The official Cloudflare plugin has been downloaded nearly 350,000 times on Given that many WordPress sites depend on it for linking up their Cloudflare accounts, it’s surprising that the plugin’s development team hasn’t added much in the way of cache control options. If you need to be able to dump your Cloudflare cache on demand, check out the free Sunny plugin on and watch for more control options in a future release.


9 responses to “Sunny: A Plugin to Automatically Clear CloudFlare Cache and Manage Settings in WordPress”

  1. I don’t know why but this plugin is not working for me. I did everything. I cleared my blog’s minify cache, purged my CDN’s ( maxcdn ) cache, cleared my database cache. But still I am unable to purge my cloudflare’s cache.


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