Sucks To Be A Network Solutions Customer Right Now

If I were operating Network Solutions right now, I’d be on my knees begging for mercy. Browsing through my feedreader today, I came across a post on mentioning that customers hosted on Network have been attacked again. This time, it’s not targeted at WordPress users. Sucuri Security Labs has the most detailed information regarding the latest attack which again, uses an iFrame to point people back to a Ukranian server. Sites running Joomla, WordPress or no CMS at all have been affected. StopMalVertising has also reported on the issue.

Network Solutions has responded to customers in a public blog post that explains they are aware of the attack and are working hard to fix it. You don’t have to tell me twice that webhosting is a complicated business to do correctly and fighting hackers is a never ending battle but at what point will customers begin to jump ship? Going through a few attacks within the time frame of a few weeks is terrible PR and as a company, these guys will need some stellar months of performance and up time before reputation begins to come back and even then, the attacks have been documented pretty well on a number of websites which may never get out of the Google long tail.

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