Sucks To Be A Network Solutions Customer Right Now

If I were operating Network Solutions right now, I’d be on my knees begging for mercy. Browsing through my feedreader today, I came across a post on mentioning that customers hosted on Network have been attacked again. This time, it’s not targeted at WordPress users. Sucuri Security Labs has the most detailed information regarding the latest attack which again, uses an iFrame to point people back to a Ukranian server. Sites running Joomla, WordPress or no CMS at all have been affected. StopMalVertising has also reported on the issue.

Network Solutions has responded to customers in a public blog post that explains they are aware of the attack and are working hard to fix it. You don’t have to tell me twice that webhosting is a complicated business to do correctly and fighting hackers is a never ending battle but at what point will customers begin to jump ship? Going through a few attacks within the time frame of a few weeks is terrible PR and as a company, these guys will need some stellar months of performance and up time before reputation begins to come back and even then, the attacks have been documented pretty well on a number of websites which may never get out of the Google long tail.


8 responses to “Sucks To Be A Network Solutions Customer Right Now”

  1. Thanks for posting this. One of my clients sites has been hacked twice within a two week period (non-WP powered site.) I’ve given up on NS and will be moving the site to Media Temple.

    Anyone who has a site with NS would be smart to switch.

  2. I would say Network Solutions needs to fix the problem with there servers and fix the Web sites affected. I’ve never liked them from the beginning and I dont know why! its like something just rubbed me the wrong way when ever I saw there ads.

  3. Thankfully none of my clients host with them, but we still have a few clients who use them for dns and the domain registration. Funnily enough I got an email extolling the virtues of their security if I purchased an (overpriced) ssl certificate from them. The irony of the big security issues was obviously overlooked by the marketing department who had not realized they had a major security incident at the same time.
    Oh and don’t forget the spammy – you need to renew your domain now (in Feb for a domain that expires next November) and the stupid icann agreement emails that you get every month or so….ugh.

  4. People really need to do a background check on the hosting provider that they’re considering going with. Network Solutions has been angry ever since they lost the monopoly on domain registration, and haven’t done much to improve their reputation since (helping to coin the phrase ‘front running’ comes immediately to mind).

    The biggest thing consumers need to keep in mind is that ‘big’ is not always an equivalent for ‘good’.

  5. Just picked up a new client because their site was hacked. Get way to get a referral but horrible for a business. NetSol did not do a good job of notifying clients or suggesting actions they could take. Client only found out because their customers were calling telling them their browser was finding malware. This was two days because a whole quarterly event. Not finding out for about 36 hours that their site was down cost them in their pocket book.

  6. Network Solutions sucks. They are nothing but a bunch of no-good, lying, cheating scumbags.

  7. It is 10/6/10 and I can confirm that it still sucks to be a Network solutions customer. My server has been down going on 5 days. Yes it’s an ecommerce website. Yes I am losing money by the minute. This totally sucks and they should be sued but who has the time and money for that.


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