Network Solutions Admits WordPress Is Not At Fault

Network Solutions has finally published a post on their blog that not only shows them accepting responsibility for what happened to their customers websites, but they also explain that WordPress was not the cause of the issue.

Recently, our customers have complained about malicious code on certain of their blogs hosted by Network Solutions. This was not an issue with WordPress. Sorry to the WordPress community and customers for any misunderstanding.

The post then goes on to say that what happened resulted from a complex set of circumstances that they have worked to prevent from happening again. No specific details regarding what these complexities are were revealed. While I still think it would be an awesome thing for them to highlight what exactly happened so others can learn from their mistake, I’m glad to see them own up to what happened and apologize to the WordPress community for jumping the gun. Unfortunately, I doubt all of the websites that reported about the incident will report follow up stories with correct information so the damage has been done.

I took some heat regarding the way I wrote about this story by highlighting the conflicting statements between Matt Mullenweg and Network Solutions. The post was not meant to fan flames but it was aimed at getting Network Solutions to tell us exactly what was going on and if it was not the fault of WordPress, to at least admit that much to the public. Thus in the end, Matt Mullenweg was right and Network Solutions was wrong.

While the discussion originally centered around Media Temple, there is a great discussion regarding security in general within this particular forum thread.



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