1. Luke Cavanagh

    This will be very welcome, since dealing with Genesis Connect for WooCommerce can be a bit of pain.


    • Brian Gardner

      To be upfront, that plugin will still be required. We are in the process of making updates to it that will ensure the best user experience possible for our customers, and those who wish to deploy WooCommerce on their website.


  2. mark k.

    WIX, medium and facebook are threat on wordpress.com not on wordpress.org. I have no idea why I should fight @matt’s fights.

    The way to make wordpress better is to stop adding new features that most people do not want and instead improve the infrastructure. In 3 years fresh developers will just be unable to understand the convoluted code which is core and will prefer a more modern frameworks.


  3. Leo

    Wow, I’m glad StudioPress is finally gonna focus on WooCommerce. It’ll only be good for the WordPress ecosystem


  4. scott

    This is superb to hear. I’m using Atmosphere Pro and love it. I’m using it with WooCommerce even though it’s not optimized for it. I’m still trying to fiddle with things but it’s still okay for me. It’s probably mobile display that i need to focus on.

    I’m excited for new themes to be compatible out of the box. I know more amazing themese will be in the works.


  5. Scott Hartley

    This is a good thing to hear. As popular as WooCommerce is becoming its almost a standard to include in any new theme if you create a theme most people (even if its a news/editorial theme) are going to ask if it supports WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress. WooCommerce being the biggest of those three deserves the most love and adoption at launch.

    This is a pleasant surprise and I hope it goes well


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