Splitdown: A Free Ghost Style Markdown Editor for WordPress

There are quite a few Ghost fanboys and fangirls in the WordPress community who are attracted to its content editor because of how well it minimizes disruptions in the writing flow. The side-by-side preview eliminates the need to switch back and forth between screens to check formatting in the preview. In the meantime, while the WordPress post editor continues to evolve, users can install a plugin to change the writing experience in WordPress.

Inspired by the Ghost editor, Andre ‘Necrotex’ Peiffer, developer at MarketPress, created Splitdown. This plugin adds a Ghost-style Markdown editor to WordPress with a real-time preview powered by Showdown.js.

Splitdown example in the WordPress post editor
Splitdown example in the WordPress post editor

Once activated, you can navigate to Settings >> Writing and select the post type(s) where you’d like to have Splitdown active. You can also activate additional Showdown extensions on this screen, including github.js, prettify.js, table.js and twitter.js.

Settings >> Writing >> Splitdown Settings
Settings >> Writing >> Splitdown Settings

While testing Splitdown, I found that the plugin works nicely to provide a real-time preview of your post. However, it is best suited to when you’re working from a machine with a large monitor. Smaller screens will see the preview displayed below the writing panel, instead of beside it.

Splitdown is by no means an exact replica of the Ghost editor. It still has a ways to go as far as being able to show an accurate preview of how the content looks with the active theme’s styles applied. When announcing the plugin, Peiffer said, “At the moment Splitdown is in a proof of concept state but usable.” Be advised that it is lacking some features and you may experience a few bugs. Peiffer is currently working on integrating the media manager to work smoothly with the plugin. If you’d like to test it out and offer some feedback, you can download Splitdown from github. Report any issues on the repo’s issues queue to help Peiffer shape the plugin into an awesome writing tool. Let us know what you think about using a Ghost-style Markdown editor as a replacement for the WordPress post editor.


6 responses to “Splitdown: A Free Ghost Style Markdown Editor for WordPress”

  1. This is definitely a good concept. I think a live preview system would be a really nice addition to WordPress.

    Good to see you giving some coverage to the MarketPress folks too. They have some really solid products that don’t get as much promotion in the WordPress sphere as they should do.

  2. While I’m using Ghost on one of my blogs, it isn’t quite ready for prime time use so in the meantime I’m keeping my main blog on WordPress. I do, however, like the split markdown editing screen on Ghost.

    I’m confused by the documentation for installing Splitdown. Is the plug-in code complete or do I need to install showdown and html2markdown to use it? My shared hosting provider may not allow installing of code via git.


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