1. Jeff Chandler

    Damn, pretty soon those who are running WordPress will be able to turn it into Ghost with just a few plugins lol. I hope he continues with the editor as it already looks solid.


  2. Ted Clayton

    to Fork:deprecate, evolve, exterminate.

    From the reactions, we’d think that’s what fork means.

    Fork usually is very specific to both the product, and its context.

    Forking WordPress (or Drupal, which is waiting now to see the rollout of their ‘inside job’ called Backdrop CMS) is like the old pre-PC parental threat, “I should have stuffed you into a gunny bag, when you were still small enough to fit, and I could still overpower you”.

    But we may indeed have exciting times at hand, and subtle ways to keep subversive thoughts percolating, are not remiss.


  3. Hardeep Asrani

    And here we go… #Ghost


  4. James Bruner

    This is what I was initially hoping for from Ghost so this is incredible. That’s awesome that he’s doing this.


  5. Ben Ustick

    Thanks for highlighting this awesome plugin, Sarah. I think when discussing the Gust plugin, it is important to ask why not just use Ghost? What ends up being a major issue is that Ghost is built on Node.js, which won’t work on many hosting platforms, particularly shared hosting. This means you’d pretty much have to have a virtual private server and be technically knowledgeable enough to install Node.js and all its dependencies to get it to work. Additionally, Ghost is very young product, so it doesn’t have anywhere near the number of themes, plugins, and developers that WordPress does. For me the idea of bringing a Ghost type interface to WordPress is more appealing than actually using Ghost. Thanks again for a nice post.



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