1. kcristiano

    I tried the link and it will not let me buy as I am already an iThemes customer. I don’t bwant you to lose out on your ‘small amount’ any suggestions?


  2. Jeffro

    @kcristiano – Did you already purchase the Backup Buddy plugin?


  3. Fredelig

    Great job on fixing a new coupon code! I have been waiting for “migrating-functionaity” like this for a while and went ahead and bought a licence on launch day.

    Now if I only could get it to work. ;) It tells me that may backup-file is invalid no matter what I try. Guess I need to contact support.


  4. Chris Jean

    @ kcristiano

    I’ve passed this on to Cory. Hopefully we’ll get it figured out soon.

    @ Fredelig

    Have you posted this on the support forum for BackupBuddy yet? Dustin and I are working on a new version which should address some of the issues people are experiencing on different server setups. Hopefully this update will fix your issue as well.


  5. Sarah

    As a current member, it’s rejecting you because your name is already in the system. You would need to login to your member area first and then purchase.
    But if you want to use the affiliate link, just create a new username and use a different email address so it thinks you’re a “new” member.


  6. kcristiano

    @Jeffro – No, I held off to see if there was a way for you to get credit.


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