Special WPTavern Only PluginBuddy Sale

BackupBuddy is a great plugin. In fact, recently, it’s become even better now that it has support for Amazon S3 for off site backups and the FTPS protocol. Another staple in the PluginBuddy store is the PluginBuddy Mobile plugin. This plugin enables you to use the built-in style manager you create mobile-ready themes for iPhones or other mobile devices. Considering PluginBuddy is on a roll, now may be as good a time as ever to purchase the PluginBuddy developer suite. And here is one more good reason to do so.

Thanks to the guys over at PluginBuddy.com, I’m able to offer a special coupon code for the first 24 people that take advantage that will take 25% off the purchase price of the Developer Suite. The original price is $197 bucks but after the coupon code, the price is only $147.75. When you figure that a personal membership to BackupBuddy costs $45.00 and the personal membership for the Mobile plugin is $45.00 that’s not too far off from the discounted price which would entitle you access to one year of support and upgrades and any new PluginBuddy plugin released during the membership year. all future products developed by PluginBuddy as well as lifetime support.

If interested in this offer, use the coupon EABDB2C85B during the check out process. If you take advantage of this offer, I thank you very much as a portion of the purchase will come back to me. It’s a win win situation.

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