1. Kim Parsell

    Just purchased the Developer Suite with this offer – saved me some big $$$. Thanks Jeff! :)


  2. rgregory

    the discounted price which would entitle you access to all future products developed by PluginBuddy as well as lifetime support.

    I think you may have this wrong, unless the lifetime part is special to this offer. The site says it’s good for

    One year of support and upgrades


  3. Martin

    @rgregory – Was thinking the same.


  4. Tony Cosentino

    Thanks Jeff,

    I have been thinking about this suite for the past few days and this offer got me over the line.

    Thanks for getting these great deals for us, much appreciated.

    I think the guys are right it is 1 year support and upgrades but that is still a great deal and we want to continue support these guys year after year so they hang around for the long term.

    Here are the details directly from the site:

    The Great Benefits Included:

    Save money – Get all PluginBuddy premium plugins for one price
    One year of support and upgrades
    Developer Plans for all plugins – Get automatic upgrades on unlimited sites
    Any new PluginBuddy plugin released during your membership year


  5. Jeffro

    Thank you all for pointing out the error in this article and my sincere apologies if that error is what spurred your purchase. I’ve since corrected the article. The damage has been minimal since only about 4 purchases have gone through this link.


  6. John Bacon

    Thanks! Purchased through your link using the coupon.

    Keep the deals comin’!


  7. Nathan Briggs

    Thanks Jeff for bringing us this great offer. I’ve just bought, my hosting clients are going to be very happy bunnies :)


  8. Brad Potter

    I’ve been working with BackupBuddy while doing some work for another developer. Liked it so much I decided to get my own dev copy via the WPTavern coupon. Thanks for the great offer Jeff.


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