Sound Off! How Has ManagedWP Weathered the Acquisition?

Back in September of 2016, GoDaddy acquired ManageWP. What was odd about the acquisition was the amount of backlash that was generated by ManageWP customers.

While most were happy for Vladimir Prelovac, founder of ManageWP, many customers worried about GoDaddy’s reputation, unsatisfactory service, and how such a great service would fit into GoDaddy without changing much in the process.

Nearly three years later, Prelovac is no longer with the company as he quietly left soon after the acquisition. I reached out on Twitter to ManageWP customers who stayed with the service through the transition and asked if they’re pleased with their service and if it has improved. Here are a few of the responses I received.

If you use ManageWP and have been a customer since the acquisition, let us know in the comments about how the service has evolved. Have you noticed any significant changes?


5 responses to “Sound Off! How Has ManagedWP Weathered the Acquisition?”

  1. I’ve used these guys for several years and preceded the GoDaddy acquisition. Still pleased with them and support. I had one hiccough about 7 weeks ago, but resolved to my satisfaction.

    But the real test for me was when I needed to do a restore. It was flawless. I’d always suggest people test a vendor’s backup options.

    Also, I like that they give some basic security vulnerability messages about specific plugins.


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