1. David McCan

    I’m thankful for the Gutenberg team who have modernized the editor and made writing long form content easier and more fun.

    I’m thankful for the WordPress.org volunteers who keep the wheels turning.

    I’m also thankful for the free plugins and themes I use and their authors, who take the time to answer questions and help users.

    This is a great time to leave a note of appreciation / review for any free plugin or theme you are using.



  2. J Oscar

    Lovely post and message, Justin. Thanks to you and the crew for keeping the Tavern fire bright and warm.


  3. Topher

    So many many things. In my personal life I’m thankful for a job that doesn’t make me work over the holidays. And even have some days off AROUND the holidays.

    I’m hugely thankful that during a pandemic humanity has the internet. I can see my friends faces and talk with them, essentially any time I want. What a blessing.

    I’m thankful for the global community that is my friend pool. The number of countries in which I DON’T have a friend is much shorter than the other list. Cheers to WordPress for that.

    I could go on and on, but I won’t. :)


  4. Mike Schinkel

    Wanted to write in support of annual discounting.

    Most people who need WordPress-related software for a business purpose are going to buy it when the need it for a project, not wait around until the one time during the year they can get a discount.

    OTOH, some people who want to purchase the products for their own use find the prices too high to be comfortable for their budget and would not normally buy, but are willing to buy when discounted.

    In other words, I believe the discounts target a market that generally differs from the market that buys during the rest of the year. If the discounts are not offered, then only the latter are captured as customers instead of capturing both.

    Of course there may be other reasons to not want to capture the discount-seeker market; i.e. they may have higher support burden, but offering infrequent discounts is not necessarily problematic simply because of the discount’s affect on margins. Sure there might be crossover cannibalization, but I’d be willing to bet the crossover is minimal.

    All that said, mine is just an different opinion on the matter and the only way to know for sure is to test. But testing is hard and most vendors in the WordPress space don’t have the resources nor the volume to test properly, and even so it would hard to test without at least one year of discounting to evaluation.

    So, I make this counterpoint for those who are trying to decided on discounting to give them more than one perspective.

    P.S. I have no dog in this hunt today. I have not done any WordPress work in a while so I am not planning to make any 3rd party purchases for the foreseeable future, and certainly not any Black Friday deals.


  5. Greg O'Donoghue

    Justin , a great article , great writer , always read his contributions.
    never compromise hard work , and he’s right not to under-price .


  6. Matt Rock

    I’m thankful for this post. Your step back has resulted in taking a pause to also realize that I am thankful for what I have and what I have become, to be thankful for the generous givings of those around me, and move away from the commercialism of the holiday(s).

    Thank you, Justin. Cheers!


  7. Krishna Thakur

    I am thankful to the WordPress and open source community for creating an ecosystem where anyone can learn and earn for a living.
    Special Thanks to Matt Mullenweg and all the contributers of WordPress, because of them today people like me are able to work and generate income from home even during COVID.


  8. Dmitry

    Lovely post, Justin. Many of your posts force me to take a pause mindfulnesses to make sense of yourself and what is happening around. Thank you very much! Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. Nathan Wrigley

    We don’t do Thanksgiving here in the U.K., but were we to…

    I’m thankful for this website – WP Tavern. I read it almost every single day and it’s without peer in the WordPress space for keeping us all informed in an intelligent way.


  10. Oranyendu

    Happy thanksgiving, Justin. Over here in Africa we also enjoy your posts and and try as much as we can to keep in touch. Beautiful post this is.


  11. Benjamin Denis

    I totally agree with you Justin!

    Longue vie à WordPress !


  12. Iqbal

    Thank you for your post and the positive vibe.

    I’m thankful for the WordPress.org volunteers who make the easiest-to-use open source CMS for beginner like me. I use WordPress mainly for blogging and saving memories and inspirations, the good and nice things in the past, and also wishes for the future.

    Thanks again for the positive vibe in your post.


  13. Protik Dh

    Wow the post was lovely. WordPress has made the world really smaller for us.
    Heartiest thanks to WordPress community.


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