1. Keith Davis

    Looks good Sarah and I was taken with the animated gif – nice.

    I don’t mind the default content editor but I usually write my posts out on a local site and cut and paste to the live site – got to watch that bandwidth.


  2. Architect

    It seems that this editor requires some additional clicks for select the blocks that in terms of usability is not the best approach.


  3. Alex

    Thank you Sarah.

    I think it reminds me of ‘Storify’ a lot, and that’s not a bad thing at all. I can see how this editor might come in handy for someone in the journalism field.


  4. Joan

    Nice! It’s a very interesting plugin. There are many plugins to improve the user experience when either writing or editing a post. I wonder if any of them will be included to the core eventually.

    Thanks for sharing!

    BTW, you have a typo on the third paragraph, Sara. “Trever” instead of “Trevor”.


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