1. Miroslav Glavic

    Can’t they just add a filter on the themes/plugins sections that is “Gutenberg ready/compatible”. Just like how I can filter out let’s say two column themes for example, or accessibility themes.


  2. Otto

    I actually changed my mind about js only blocks. There is definitely room for that. I think it’s kind of a neat idea now. 😉

    I was convinced after I saw somebody on Reddit post a 20 line thing that directly solved somebody’s exact problem with the new editor using just JavaScript. It’s impressive how powerful that can be.


  3. Conundrum

    I guess all the comments on the Guterburp plugin page have gone unnoticed. This is MSDT .NET all over again.


  4. Sebastian

    Why not add filters for the entire plugin directory like Drupal has


  5. Marshall

    How much easier to use classic editor to format a post or page then use a mouse or pen to draw block around your content areas. Then drag and drop it where u want it in the layout frame. Now there are two languages for hackers to use to breach your site. Js and php


  6. Justin

    Hi, I emailed the plugin review team add my plugin to list of blocked enabled plugins. And they have added my plugin. It was in the fifth page on the first day and it keeps going back and back. Now it’s on the 8th page https://wordpress.org/plugins/browse/blocks/page/8/

    My plugin is Helpie FAQ plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/helpie-faq/

    We are regularly updating it and we are getting downloads everyday but it is not moving forward. What to do?


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