Simple:Press Forum Plugin Is Up for Adoption

Simple:Press, a forum plugin for WordPress that has been around for more than a dozen years, is available for adoption. Developers Andy Staines and Steve Klasen announced their plans to shutdown operations last August on their customer support forum and have had little luck finding a suitable replacement.

Simple:Press Forum in Action

Staines and Klasen will retire on August 1st. Everything related to the site, including the domain, plugin code, customer information, income, etc. will transfer to the new owner with no strings attached.

The forum plugin has been a labor of love for a long time. We don’t really want to see the plugin die because we have decided to retire. It has provided us a good secondary income for many years and has good potential for anyone who wished to make a go at it.

Steve Klasen

Simple:Press is not available on the plugin directory and generates revenue through memberships, themes, and plugins. Those interested in taking over the plugin or to find out more information can contact Klasen and Staines through the Simple:Press Forum contact form.

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  1. I think an importer for bbPress is more important than anyone continuing the current plugin.


    1. I am of the opposite opinion, there needs to be more than one player for any plugin type.


      1. M, I don’t think this is a plugin which should be continued though.

        If I were to take over this plugin, I would just write an entirely new plugin from scratch, then write an exporter/importer to shunt the content over. The base code on this is not useful at all IMHO. AFAIK, the base code in this was written before WordPress even had custompost-type support, so the whole architecture simply doesn’t match how WordPress operates. This is presumably why the project has eventually come to halt.

        But then bbPress already fills the forum niche quite well, so I wouldn’t make a new plugin either, I’d just make a bbPress importer. Hence my original comment above.


      2. Hi Ryan,

        Developing with bbPress is of course easier since it relies on the familiar WordPress functions and architecture but scaling it is not.

        Look at WooCommerce, there is an ongoing effort to move orders and their metadata out of the default WordPress tables. Forums suffers from the same difficulties and thankfully Simple:Press has taken that route (separate database tables) from the get-go.

        Cordially, M.


    2. Totally agree, importers for all the major forum systems out there, including bbPress and BuddyPress.


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