1. Blair2004

    Too many new themes submitted everyday, but no so much reviewer. Each theme creator should learn first how to review a theme.

    There should be a way to incide new theme developper to start reviewing theme first. The Queue is getting very long, and review process queue will maybe takes more than 6 months. I remember my first theme https://wordpress.org/themes/span More than 7 months to be finally “lived”.

    This really sucks !!!


  2. Steven Denger

    I think the theme has a simple elegance which is what I like in my websites. I like the multi-column post features also. I have an e-commerce site and I think I will try that theme for my fashion news section in a sub-domain. Great job on the theme creation!



  3. Oana Filip

    Hi, Steven! Many thanks for your kind words. Happy to know you appreciate our creative work. Our full portfolio is here: http://themeforest.net/user/pixelgrade/portfolio.
    Cheers, Oana! :)


  4. WPVKP

    This theme looks really great. I really love the customization controls it offers, but their should be an option to control the header height.


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