1. Josh Pollock

    I like the look of this, and the transitions are nice, without being too much.


  2. Ron

    Aren’t there enough “super minimalist” (aka BORING) themes out there already?

    Nothing to see here…..


  3. erricgunawan

    Nice. But still needed the Widget Area, though … ?


  4. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Nice looking WordPress theme. Thanks for sharing it with us :)


  5. Ahmad Awais

    The animations are pretty smooth. Nice theme, thanks for sharing.


  6. Asko

    Honestly, this is far from a decent theme, with the post title being too big with a too thick border under it on hover and inconsistent animations (why’s there one on read more link, but none on the post title?). Font selection could’ve been better, paragraph text should be darker to be _actually_ readable and comments seem to be thrown together in mere minutes with no actual time put into designing it.

    But, if all that would be fixed or if I pretended those things didn’t exist, the overall aesthetics of the theme is pretty nice.


  7. Andrej

    Looks really neat. It is going to be my second favorite free WP theme after Twenty Fifteen.


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