1. Heidi

    I would very much like to see this plugin further developed! I am a new WordPress user and have found that it is not easy to get a list of shortcodes that I need.


  2. Alec Dieperink

    I just love this, it’s wonderful


  3. Paul

    Nice idea, I’m currently working on a project where I’ve needed to create lots of new shortcodes so this will be really handy for the end user.


  4. Scott

    Thanks for all your kind comments and the for the article Sarah.

    I genuinely didn’t expect such a huge interest in this idea. It was a quick weekend project to make shortcodes a little friendlier.

    I am hoping to find time to develop it further, I have a few open tickets in core and problems I need to work around (like translation) before I could consider releasing it officially. Make sure you star or watch the repository on Github for updates.


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