1. metrothemes (@metrothemes)

    Amazing , Shortcodes with UI


  2. Paul

    Looks very much like the visual editor’s display of Aesop Story Engine shortcodes.


  3. Ray

    This is great!!! For me, one of the greatest advantages of WordPress is the tightly integrated Wysiwyg and shortcodes api.

    The big weakness of shortcodes has always been that they are very scary for your average user, serving to actually make the editing process far more complex, which is a shame when the Tiny MCE integration is so tight and user friendly.

    As a developer / designer I often have to use some interpretation of custom fields instead of shortcodes to keep the editing experience streamlined. Custom fields can often be a bit heavy for a lot of purposes and some kind of lightweight and visual shortcode interface is much needed.

    I really, really hope something like Shortcake is rolled into core at some point.


  4. Anh Tran

    This is amazing. This opens a great opportunity for all of developers who want to add shortcodes to website without worrying about popup, UI, etc.

    Thanks a lot for this great product!


  5. Rami

    This is not the first solution for that problem, you can find similar projects on github. The more important thing is how to add this to wordpress shortcode api?

    i was thinking to add a new callback function to add_shortcode() function.

    add_shortcode( $tag , $func, $ui );

    this way we have backwards compatibility and forwards compatibility.


  6. Nick Haskins

    For those asking about core, yes, it’s an experiment that I’m very much waiting to hear about as well. I posted back in July but no-one ever answered.



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