1. Ian Dunn

    The survey closes this Friday at 11:45pm Eastern time, so if you’re an organizer who has worked with the current tools in the past 18 months, please take it before then :)


  2. Devin Walker

    The biggest pain for me (in charge of building the WCSD15 site) was the Jetpack CSS/LESS editor. Sooo painful. I felt like it was trying to build a site with handcuffs on. It would be GREAT to go beyond CSS with full fledged custom themes. Then we can really wow some folks with our WordCamp sites instead of a lot of the same layouts which tend to all look the same after awhile. I understand it’s a security concern but surely there’s ways to figure it out. I’m going to go fill out the survey now.


  3. Ian Dunn

    The results have been published, and there’s a 1-question follow-up survey for organizers, in order to clarify one of the results.


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