Short Survey on Which WordCamp Organizer Tools to Improve First

In the past several months, the Make WordPress Community team has engaged in numerous discussions with WordCamp organizers on how they can improve the tools that are available. Those discussions include:

The team has created a six question survey to gather data to determine what tools should be worked on or improved first. If you’ve worked with any of the tools available on within the last 18 months, you’re strongly encouraged to take the survey.

WordCamp Tools Survey Question
WordCamp Tools Survey Question

The last section has two questions that are open-ended to allow for feedback that extends beyond the tools in question. This is an excellent opportunity for WordCamp organizers to voice their opinion on what direction the team should take on creating and improving the tools available to them. It’s also a way to tell the team which tools you want to see created that don’t already exist.


4 responses to “Short Survey on Which WordCamp Organizer Tools to Improve First”

  1. The survey closes this Friday at 11:45pm Eastern time, so if you’re an organizer who has worked with the current tools in the past 18 months, please take it before then :)

  2. The biggest pain for me (in charge of building the WCSD15 site) was the Jetpack CSS/LESS editor. Sooo painful. I felt like it was trying to build a site with handcuffs on. It would be GREAT to go beyond CSS with full fledged custom themes. Then we can really wow some folks with our WordCamp sites instead of a lot of the same layouts which tend to all look the same after awhile. I understand it’s a security concern but surely there’s ways to figure it out. I’m going to go fill out the survey now.


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