New Forum Available For WordCamp Organizers

Good news for WordCamp organizers! There is now an official forum where WordCamp organizers can share tips, advice, and work together. Announced on the website by Andrea Middleton, new organizers are encouraged to ask questions while past organizers are asked to share their knowledge.

WordCamp Planning Forum

In order to participate on the forum, you’ll need to log in using your account credentials. The forum is using a fresh install of bbPress. When I asked Andrea who is moderating the discussions, she told me that she’s hoping they will be largely community-moderated. However, if things get backed up, she’ll make a call for moderators. I also asked if WordCamp attendees would be able to participate on the forum.

Well, anyone with a account can participate, but the intention is for these forums to be a place for WordCamp organizers to share knowledge and experiences. If attendees are interested in the nitty-gritty of WordCamp organizing, I hope the forums will inspire them to join their local meetup group and get involved in organizing an upcoming event.

Andrea also had this to say:

I’m excited to have a place where organizers’ frustrations can be shared and hopefully, halved. I hope this forum becomes a great repository of tips, hacks, and lessons learned. Together we are stronger.

I think it’s important that attendees participate in the forum alongside organizers. After all, attendees are the real judges behind what worked and what didn’t. With both sides taking an active role in discussions, WordCamps will likely become better events for everyone involved.



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