Sending Positive Vibes to Alex Viper007Bond Mills

Alex Mills, the author of several plugins, including the popular Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, published an update on his fight with cancer and it’s not looking too good.

The blood test had been showing a fraction of a percent and then later 3%. That was obviously trending in the wrong direction but the hope was increasing my special medication would keep things in check. It didn’t.

The bone marrow biopsy came back at a spotty 20% (amounts varied by area). This is not good at all as it means the leukemia has morphed into yet some other form that my donor immune system is having trouble keeping in check, either due to a change or being overwhelmed.

Alex Mill

Please join me in sending positive thoughts and vibes to Alex as his battle against Leukemia ramps up.


31 responses to “Sending Positive Vibes to Alex Viper007Bond Mills”

  1. I had an uncle who was diagnosed with terminal cancer many years ago. At the time they gave him only months to live, he told them to go to hell.

    For nearly 25 years they kept telling him he only had months to live and for 25 years he kept telling them to go to hell.

    He had good days and bad days, but he fought for each one. He was one mean SOB when he wanted to be, but he sure loved life.

    Keep up the fight and live each day to it’s fullest. God Bless and many prayers.


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