1. Jeff Chandler

    Great plugin, great person, and a great attitude. He’s got a ton of people rooting for him to beat the Leukemia, I included.


  2. K. Gallagher

    It has become an indispensable utility over the years, helping millions of users successfully transition between WordPress themes that have different featured image sizes

    At 5 million installs, maybe this should be in core…


    • Tomas M.

      +1 Perhaps if it would be in the core, it could be invisible and at the moment user would change settings, or themes that affect images, prompt would pop up with the option to also regenerate images.


  3. Bud Kraus

    I understand why it’s called Regenerate Thumbnails and given how many times it’s been used maybe that is the correct name. But the name “Resize Images After Changing Themes” really would have done it for me.


    • fwolf

      Nope. Because then nobody would find it as easy as of now.

      There are lots of different reasons for regenerating thumbnails, e.g. a new slideshow plugin adding different image sizes , or in my case, a daily update / rebuild of the WooCommerce products of the site of one of my clients. In the latter case it turned out its less time- AND resource-consuming to regenerate everything directly after the update, instead of just processing image resizes per individul updated or added product.

      cu, w0lf.


  4. fwolf

    Note: The reason why most of us are using this version of a Image Size Regenerator is, that its so straigh-forward. I tested quite a few different variations by other authors, including the oh-so-famous wp-cli variation, but non worked as reliable as the original.

    I’ve been very happy with its performance so far, installing whenever there is a need for custom-sized images in a project of a client, and been recommending it ever since I first stumbled upoon it.

    The only grieve I got is that there seems to be no way of “cron-jacking” the plugin. No, the wp-cli variation is much too complicated. Not everyone – or more like, most of the rest of the world – does have a server to themselves. And setting up the “remote” version is a PITA and huge struggle as well. So one has to stick to the GUI version of the original plugin .. for now.

    cu, w0lf.


  5. Lisa Clarke

    I love simple, indispensable plugins like this – I’ve used it many times when making changes to my site.

    Thinking positive thoughts for your health, Alex!


  6. Street Bulletin

    You have really done a great job on this plugin. Thanks


  7. Bakeca Incontri Milano

    indeed a very useful plugin especially when you change your website’s theme and need other sizes for your uploads ;)

    Glad a new version is on the time … I bet it’ll be better


  8. JB

    As someone who systematically firewalls off the RPC and REST “APIs” to WordPress in order to significantly reduce the attack surface, I find it unpleasant when a key plugin (or a core feature for that matter) wants to depend on those risky features for things that are already running inside the server with authorized direct access (from PHP) to all the data.


  9. Guido

    Very nice tool.

    A nice addition would be an option to remove images with “old” image sizes, to reduce server space.


  10. Rhys Clay

    Awesome plugin that is indespensible for me, hey Alex maybe you should setup a patreon account? There would be a tonne of people willing to help you out.


  11. Bharat

    Kudos to Alex Mills for passing 5 million downloads and thank you for giving us this wonderful plugin.


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